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The Modena Computers warranty protects all our desktop PCs against defects in materials or workmanship for the duration of the warranty. Not all the information on this page applies to laptops, which have a standard manufacturer warranty and long manufacturer induced lead times for warranty claims.

While much effort is made to ensure we are building the most reliable made to order computer possible, we understand they will occasionally be in need of repair. To this extent, we’ve made the Modena Computers warranty simple to understand. Here are the core features of the Modena Computers Warranty:


Tech Support

Every Modena Computers PC includes lifetime labour and hardware technical support. This also covers the free installation of upgrades purchased through Modena Computers.

Our technical support is intended to cover hardware issues only. While we make every effort to assist you in working with operating systems, you will need to obtain support through other channels for those issues. We can only provide a minimal level of support for any issues related to special order parts and we are unable to support upgrades or parts not purchased from Modena Computers.


Every Modena Computers PC includes a three year parts warranty. This is upgradable to four years at the time of your original purchase at an additional cost.

If a failed or defective component is reported during the term of our parts warranty, Modena Computers will repair or replace the defective part with a new or reconditioned part of equivalent or better performance. 

Upgrades or new parts purchased from Modena Computers include a 3 year parts warranty. 

Warranty service for all peripherals (eg. monitors, speakers, other external equipment) is provided by the manufacturer of the component, and may differ from the warranty period of Modena Computers desktop workstations.


Should your PC need repair within the 3 year warranty period, your will need to ship it to us, and we will pay return shipping costs within South Africa if it is determined that there is a part or workmanship issue.

The shipping method we use will match the transit time of the shipping method you originally ordered. If the PC is still within its parts warranty term, Modena Computers will cover the cost of returning it to you This shipping warranty only covers shipping within the South Africa. Free shipping only applies to desktop PC’s and does not apply to peripherals (eg. monitors, speakers, other external equipment).

Refunds, Returns and Order Changes

Modena Computer bills all orders at the time the order is placed. After your order has been placed, there is a R500 charge for any change made to an order already in progress.

Within 30 days of your order, you have the option to cancel your order or return your hardware for refund. All cancelled and returned orders are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. If we have already shipped your order, all returned hardware must be undamaged, and in as-new condition, in original unopened packaging.

The following are not eligible for return or refund.

  • Opened or activated software (including Windows licenses)
  • Shipping costs of any kind
  • Special order items, services, and peripherals (eg. monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, other external equipment)
  • Quantity orders and orders over R100,000
  • Laptops or any non-desktop/server computer which was assembled by Modena Computers.

Transfer of Warranty

When changing ownership of the computer system, the warranty (including lifetime labor and technical support) does not transfer to the new owner without prior consent from Modena Computers. Systems sold to known re-sellers at the time of sale constitutes consent for transfer of warranty and is notated in the account. When a Modena Computers machine is resold, the original owner must contact our service department to inform us the system is no longer under their possession and provide contact information of the new owner.

Computer Repairs

Desktop and server PCs are generally repaired within 10 business days after the scheduled start date. If any replacement parts needed are not in stock, the total time needed to complete the repair may be extended. All our PC repairs are guaranteed for 30 days or for the remainder of any applicable Modena Computers PC warranty, whichever is greater. This guarantee does not cover new symptoms or cover non-Modena supplied components.

Parts Purchases

Components purchased from Modena Computers as parts carries the standard 3 year warranty. If a component fails or is found defective during this term, Modena Computers will diagnose the issue, and either repair the part, or replace it with a new or refurbished alternative that is of the same or better specification. Component purchases returned for any other reason carry our standard 15% restocking fee. Our technical support service, labour warranty, and shipping warranty do not apply to parts purchases.

Limitation of Liability

Modena Computers is not responsible for damages or costs that are the result of accidents, misuse, disaster, or abuse of your computer. Any time you ship a computer to us, you MUST pack the computer properly – Modena Computers is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing. Modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates, or repairs made to your computer system by anyone other than Modena Computers will void your warranty if not cleared through a Modena Computers representative. Third party components such as upgrades purchased elsewhere added to the build that damage Modena Computers supplied components will additionally void the warranty. Most modifications will be approved, but we need this aspect of control in order to prevent unnecessary damage.

Modena Computers is not responsible for any losses or complications that arise as a result of a computer failure or a delay in the production or repair of your system.

Interplanetary Transfer

When changing the planetary location of the computer system, the warranty (including lifetime labor and technical support) transfers to the new location, without prior consent from Modena Computers. Keep in mind that the 3-Year and 4-Year Warranty refers to Earth Years. Systems sold from Earth to customers on known planets at the time of sale constitutes consent for transfer of warranty and is notated in the account. When a Modena Computers machine is resold, the original owner from the planet of purchase must contact our service department to inform us that the system is no longer in their possession and must provide us with contact information of the new owner as well as their location.

Please note: Due to variances in gravitational forces between planets, we recommend using only solid state hard drives if there is an intention to transport the workstation to planets other than Earth and Mars. Please ensure adequate atmospheric pressure to maintain full cooling fan performance.

Support Channels

Please visit our Support page.

Why Choose Modena Computers

3+ Year Warranty & Lifetime Hardware Support

We diagnose hardware issues for free, provide recommendations, and offer free labor on hardware replacements and upgrades.​

Fit for Purpose

The perfect PC is not one-size-fits-all. We'll assist you every step of the way in crafting exactly what you need.

Premium Parts & Advanced Cooling

We prioritise more reliable and faster components over lower quality alternatives offered by other companies.

No Bloatware

Bloatware slows down your computer, turning what should be a fresh start into a frustrating and cluttered experience.

Meticulous Assembly

Each PC is built by a dedicated technician and undergoes a comprehensive multipoint QC check prior to shipment.

Extensive Testing Process

We subject every build to an extensive checklist, including stress and benchmarking tests, to ensure it's flawless before leaving our premises.

Set Up and Ready to Go

Each system is ready to use out of the box, with the latest drivers and software updates installed.

Longevity & Extreme Reliability

Our desktop PCs are designed to be the longest-lasting you'll ever own, thanks to the careful selection of high-quality components.

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