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Over the past few years, live streaming has become quite a popular format for gamers and other content creators. Platforms like Twitch have contributed a lot to this. There are a few different approaches to streaming, and this can make things quite difficult for aspiring streamers. What kind of computer do I need? Can I do it all from one computer, or would it be a better plan to have a dedicated live streaming computer? And what if I want to stream console games? Plus there’s also the question of what other gear you’ll need.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the components you need to build the best workstation PC for Live Streaming.

Why choose us?

Parts like CPU cooler, Power Supply Unit, and chassis are often glossed over when putting together a system like this. Surprisingly, these parts have a massive effect on the lifespan and performance optimisation of the CPU, GPU and RAM. We only use parts that guarantee excellent cooling, airflow, and power delivery.

We’ve also got a lot of experience in putting these systems together, and our cable management is flawless. This not only means dust will be a lot less of an issue, but it will be much easier to work with when you eventually need an upgrade. This will only happen several years down the line, of course. Not to mention our cases just look fantastic.

Each Modena Computers Workstation is tailored to the personal needs of the user, but the features below would make for a great starting point for your live streaming computer.

Live Streaming Computer

Dedicated Live Streaming Computer

For some streamers, it’s worth it to consider an additional computer to handle the streaming tasks. This way, you don’t need to worry about whether your computer will struggle running the game and the stream at the same time.

This is a viable option for gamers on a budget, as an old PC can be repurposed as a streaming system. The requirements are quite minimal, and you could get by with an affordable CPU, a small amount of RAM, and a capture card. It’s not even necessary to add in a graphics card, as all the work will be done by the CPU and capture card. You could use the CPU’s integrated graphics to connect it to the monitor.

It’s also a good choice if you want to stream from your console. You could build this system in a compact mini-ITX case, and use it for both PC and console streaming.

If you want to go really crazy, you could build a huge X299 or Threadripper system in a massive custom case, and have a dedicated ITX streaming motherboard in the same case.

Take a look at this dual Xeon CFD build we recently put together in this kind of case. It only has one motherboard for now, but another one will be installed in the coming year.


The computer itself is one thing, but how many times have you turned of a video because it was only available in 360p, or because the audio was fuzzy and just completely the wrong volume? Good video and audio can make a big difference for your stream.

There are plenty of great microphones available, whatever your budget may be. A good standalone mic will help you get clean audio and reduce unwanted background noise. Whichever microphone you use, always make sure you’ve adjusted your volume levels, and keep your mouth the right distance from the mic.

A good webcam will get you higher resolutions and framerates, as well as better colours and contrast. You could even use a DSLR or mirrorless camera for even higher quality. Just like the microphone though, you can’t just rely on the fancy gear itself – make sure you have adequate lighting for your setup, and that your camera is level with the ground. Check your white balance to make sure you’re getting the right colours, or you can adjust it to be slightly warmer or cooler.

You might also be able to make use of a green screen. It’s quite common for streamers to have the camera on themselves, with the green screen displaying their content behind them. It’s a good alternative to keeping yourself minimized in the corner, and this way, your viewers don’t have to see your messy room.

A pair of decent monitors will let you keep an eye on both the game and your stream, and we feel that no desk is complete without a second screen.

We’ve also put together a post on the importance of a good keyboard and mouse, which you might find interesting. A programmable keyboard really comes in handy single-key shortcuts while streaming.



As we said before, each Modena Computers Vulcan Workstation is custom built to the workflow and budget requirements of its user. It’s important to consider other programs you may want to use with this workstation.

During our consultation process, you can let us know exactly which programs you want to use with your machine, and we’ll be happy to help you understand what you need. 

Keep in mind that opting for higher performance right out of the gate offers much greater value than getting exactly what you need right now. A higher performance PC won’t need downtime to upgrade any time soon, and will also allow you to complete more work in less time. It could pay itself off a lot sooner than a more affordable option.  

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