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Here at Modena Computers, we believe there is no such thing as “one size fits all” workstations. Our years’ of experience as both hardware and software professionals has taught us that workstations are more than just the sum of their parts, and that very rarely do people or companies have the exact same workflow.

We understand that software packages make use of various components that make up your computer in very different ways. This is why we treat every customer as a unique individual with specific requirements. Every interaction starts with our consultant asking key questions in order to better understand your workflow, and what you’ll ultimately require from your workstation.

This includes not only questions about the type of software being used, but also the specific functions and features used most often in that software.

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Recommendations For The Best Computer For Faro Scene


Faro Scene can make use of a high core count for processes like feature extraction and point cloud registration, loading and filtering. Frequency (GHz) is important as well. We would recommend a CPU with a good balance of the two. Depending on other software you use, you may want to consider a CPU with more of a bias towards frequency or core count. Not all user workflows are the same though, so be sure and contact us for an optimized configuration.


Faro Scene projects can get quite large, and for this reason, we would recommend no less than 32GB RAM. You might even want to consider 64 to 128GB RAM for your Faro Scene workstation. RAM speed also makes a difference for Scene performance, and we would recommend high frequency DDR5 memory. If you find that your workflow needs a high number of cores that would only be available from an HEDT CPUs from Intel and AMD, you would also open up the option to work with even more RAM.

Graphics Card

Scene benefits from a strong GPU to a certain extent. A mid-range card would offer the best value. If your workflow involves VR and Stereo viewing we would recommend going for something more high-end. As always, you should keep in mind other software you use that could rely more on GPU power. Scene does not require a workstation grade GPU (Nvidia Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro), and we would recommend a Nvidia GeForce card for optimal performance, stability and value.


In the past, computers were held back by slow mechanical hard drives.  Unless you are storing files which are not accessed too often, in which case mechanical hard drives might be a better choice, Solid State drives should be used for everything else. Having everything stored on SSDs means you’ll be able to copy, move, open and save files quickly and PC and program start times will be reduced.

SCENE Hardware Guide

ProcessBenefits primarily fromRecommendation
Scan ImportMark.png Mark.png  I/O and limited number of parallel tasks.
ProcessingMark2.pngMark2.png Mark2.png I/O and lots of parallel tasks, HDR and big scans can require a lot of RAM.
Registration TB  Mark.png  For target based registration CPU speed is the limiting factor during optimization.
Registration TVB+C2CMark2.pngMark2.pngMark2.pngMark2.png Point cloud based registrations:
Memory to hold loaded scans (if not possible scans are loaded multiple times  I/O)
Fairly well parallelized so CPU cores and speed are both good
I/O for loading scans (at least once per scan).
Interactive Exploration: Measurement, etc. Mark.png  Mark.pngIf Stereo-Rendering: Mid-range Nvidia Quadro If VR-Rendering: Top-range Nvidia GeForce else: Mid-range Nvidia GeForce.
Point Cloud RenderingMark2.pngMark2.png Mark2.png Does not require fast GPUs
Fast SSDs provide a much better loading and rendering speeds; More memory means more points in the rendering cache and less loading from disk
Very big numbers of CPU cores will give no additional advantage.
Meshing  Mark.png  Limited number of parallel tasks and required RAM is always below 16GB.
ExportingMark2.png Mark2.png  I/O and limited number of parallel tasks.
SavingMark.png Mark.png  I/O and limited number of parallel tasks.


Recommended Systems


From ±R25 000

Featuring consumer-grade CPU’s like the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen series.

(LxWxH) ±427 x ±210 x ±474 mm

2 X 2.5" Drive Bays

2 X 3.5" Drive Bays

2 X GPU Space (Model Dependent)

Larger cases available to increase expansion capabilities. Please confirm exact requirements.


From ±R32 000

Featuring enthusiast-grade CPU’s like the Intel Core “K” and AMD Ryzen “X” series.

(LxWxH) ±427 x ±210 x ±474 mm

2 X 2.5" Drive Bays

2 X 3.5" Drive Bays

2 X GPU Space (Model Dependent)

Larger cases available to increase expansion capabilities. Please confirm exact requirements.


From ±R48 000

Featuring HEDT CPU’s like the AMD Threadripper, Epyc and Intel Core-X and Xeon.

(LxWxH) ±547x ±240x ±475mm

2 X 2.5" Drive Bays

6 X 3.5" Drive Bays

2 - 4 X GPU Space (Model Dependent)

Larger cases available to increase expansion capabilities. Please confirm exact requirements.

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