Consultation Service

Professional guidance in building the machine you deserve

From parts selection to assembly, to configuration and optimisation

There’s more to a great computer than just an expensive CPU and graphics card. Balanced part selection, optimal configuration of hardware and software, and proper stress testing all play important roles in the creation of your ideal workstation. 

With our consultation package, we will guide you through each of these steps, leaving you with the perfect system for your workflow, even if we aren’t able to build it for you ourselves.

What you get

  • Complete requirements consultation
  • Complete parts list and direct to consumer parts ordering
  • Virtual Assembly Assistance (via Microsoft Teams and TeamViewer
  • BIOS configuration & provision of preconfigured BIOS file (if available)
  • OS & driver setup
  • General optimisation
  • Troubleshooting

Who's This For?

International Customers

Get as close as possible to a Modena Computers Workstation without the risks (and costs) of international shipping.

Corporations Locked into Contracts

We can communicate with your system builder to ensure that your system is correctly configured for your workflow.

IT Companies & Departments

Our experience with professional software allows you to provide your clients with perfectly configured systems.

DIY Customers

Get professional guidance in building your dream machine. We'll help you select the best parts and tune them for performance and stability.

Step 1

Initial consultation

Our hardware and software experts will work with you to figure out a time for your consultation. We can accommodate any time zone.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your personal workflow, including the programs you’ll be using and the size of your projects. We’ll also talk about your current system, and any shortcomings you’ve experienced while using it.

Your budget is also important, as we want to make sure you neither under-spec nor over-spend on this system.

Step 2


Using the information gathered from the initial consultation, we’ll put together the specifications for your optimal workstation. 

We are continually researching software used by a wide variety of technical specialists. With this in mind, you can rest assured that we will be able to configure your system to give you the best performance and user experience, regardless of your field of expertise. 

In a detailed document, we will detail the components we have selected for you. Rather than simply providing a parts list, we will also explain how each component contributes to the overall system.

Step 3

Technical consultation

Having the right parts is only the beginning. There are plenty of systems out in the wild with amazing specs on paper, but improper hardware and software configuration keeps them from reaching their full potential.

Even if you’re familiar with building PCs, our technical expertise and experience allow us to provide unique insight into these processes. 

Once you’ve received your parts, we will communicate with your technical personnel to discuss assembly and setup.

This includes BIOS setup, and if possible, we will provide our own BIOS configuration files. 

Step 4

Final Steps

Even the best parts on the market can experience quality control issues. As rare as these instances may be, testing each component in the system is incredibly important.

Once we know that the parts are unlikely to fail, even under heavy load, we can move on to benchmarking.

This process allows us to assess the performance of the system as a whole, and ensure that it meets our strict standards.

Our technical experts will assist with both of these processes, which will leave you confident that your new machine really is the perfect tool for you.  

Why Choose Modena Computers

3+ Year Warranty & Lifetime Hardware Support

We diagnose hardware issues for free, provide recommendations, and offer free labor on hardware replacements and upgrades.​

Fit for Purpose

The perfect PC is not one-size-fits-all. We'll assist you every step of the way in crafting exactly what you need.

Premium Parts & Advanced Cooling

We prioritise more reliable and faster components over lower quality alternatives offered by other companies.

No Bloatware

Bloatware slows down your computer, turning what should be a fresh start into a frustrating and cluttered experience.

Meticulous Assembly

Each PC is built by a dedicated technician and undergoes a comprehensive multipoint QC check prior to shipment.

Extensive Testing Process

We subject every build to an extensive checklist, including stress and benchmarking tests, to ensure it's flawless before leaving our premises.

Set Up and Ready to Go

Each system is ready to use out of the box, with the latest drivers and software updates installed.

Longevity & Extreme Reliability

Our desktop PCs are designed to be the longest-lasting you'll ever own, thanks to the careful selection of high-quality components.

Ready to own your dream machine?

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