Virtual Desktop

Use your existing hardware to connect to a high-performance Modena Computers workstation from wherever you are in the world, and make it yours.

From R99/day*

Three desktop computer towers
Overclocked CPU
Nvidia RTX GPU
High-speed DDR5 RAM
Ultra-fast Storage
> 0 MB/s

*Price excludes VAT. Subject to minimimum rental period 1 month. Specs displayed are near maximum optional configuration.

A Truly Flexible High-End Workstation Solution

For the first time ever, securely stream a high-performance Modena Computers workstation, including apps, settings, and content to any device. 

This gives you and your organization the ability to be more agile and productive in the new hybrid world.

The Modena Virtual Desktop Solution helps you:

  • Stream personalized PCs to any Windows device.
  • Empower hybrid work with powerful, versatile options.
  • Simplify IT, staying secure and up to date.
  • Scale up or down depending on your project requirements.
  • Manage expenses with easy monthly payments.
  • Bill workstation use to project costs.

What You Get


This service is designed to adapt to your changing requirements, whether you need more systems or higher performance components. 


Your Virtual Desktop is yours to customise for the duration of your subscription – install the licensed software of your choice and adjust any of the settings to your liking. 


Your Virtual Desktop can be accessed at any time during the duration of your subscription, and from virtually anywhere. 


Modena Computers workstations are purpose-built for professional-grade software across a wide range of industries.


These workstations are stored at a secure, undisclosed location that is not affected by loadshedding. 

What's the Process?

Step 1

📆 Confirm availability

Step 2

💵 Make Payment

Step 3

🔑 Receive access information

Step 4

✨ Set it up and make it YOURS

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R 2 995/month

Intel Core i5 13400 CPU

Nvidia RTX 3060 8GB GPU

32GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM


R 3 995/month

Intel Core i7 13700 CPU

Nvidia RTX 4060 8GB GPU

48GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM


R 4 495/month

Intel Core i7 14700K CPU

Nvidia RTX 4070 12GB GPU

48GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM


R 5 995/month

Intel Core i9 14900K CPU

Nvidia RTX 4080 16GB GPU

96GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM

Prices exclude VAT. Upgrades available on request at an additional charge.

No Power? No Problem

Our Virtual Desktops are completely unaffected by loadshedding, making them extremely reliable. 

While high-end laptops can still function on a battery, their performance is severely limited when not connected to external power. 

Even with a basic notebook, as long as you have an internet connection, you will always have access to the full power of our Virtual Desktops. 

PassMark® Benchmark Score Comparison

High-End Laptop (Unplugged)
Modena Computers Virtual Desktop

Based on Intel Core i7 14700K and laptop equivalent as of 2nd of November 2023.

Higher results represent better performance.

Flat-Rate Billing Model

Using a virtual workstation will allow you to free up capital, and only pay for what you use. In the mobile, fast-changing world in which we live, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) computing allow you to scale your business as smoothly as possible.

Perfectly suited for project-based deployments, customers can eliminate the overspending that comes from the over-purchasing of hardware for last minute content creation needs.

This also means that CFO and IT Managers can more easily attribute spends to the right cost centers.

Find Freedom

Virtual workstations enable companies to take on bigger projects, work from anywhere, and pay only for what they need.

We’re the ultimate remote workstation provider, freeing content creators, designers, architects, and engineers to create from anywhere.

Plug in a keyboard, mouse, drawing tablet, or gamepad, and do your job with unparalleled Input accuracy & control.

Feature Modena Computers Dell, HP, Lenovo IT Companies, Custom
Latest generation components
Stress-tested and fully optimised
Preferred software pre-installed
Fully upgradeable

Proprietary Parts Only

Limited Support

Limited Downtime
Lifetime Hardware Support
Short lead time


4-6 Weeks


Things to Note

  • Although we aim to ensure our computers are always online and available, due to factors out of our control, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime.
  • By making use of this service, you agree not to hold Modena accountable for any loss of data or productivity for any reason whatsoever.
  • All workstations are accessible virtually only – for security reasons, we do not allow physical access to workstations.
  • All workstations are formatted on expiry of your subscription, with the onus is on you to ensure all data is transferred off the workstation when your Modena Virtual Desktop subscription expires.
    • For an additional charge, we do offer the service of transferring your files to physical media (external hard drive or flash drive) and then couriering that to you.
    • Please sign up to Microsoft 365 to access Office applications as well as cloud storage space to securely store your files. This will ensure all data and files are constantly synced to your personal OneDrive account and available to you both during and after your Modena Virtual Desktop subscription.
  • The Modena Computers Virtual Desktop subscription does not include any software licenses.
  • Torrent downloads, the installation of illegal or pirated software and crypto mining is forbidden.

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