Pushing the Limits of Desktop Computing

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Optimised CPU
0 Core CPU
Nvidia RTX GPU
0 x GPU
High-speed DDR5 RAM
Ultra-fast Storage
> 0 MB/s

*Requires special order components with longer lead times. Pricing dependent on availability.

A Desktop Supercomputer

Some workflows need more power than a normal desktop can handle.

That’s where our Hydra comes in. 

Whether you need multiple GPUs for machine learning or a huge core count for high-res video editing, our Hydra is up for the challenge.


Product Design

Machine Learning

Media Production
Content Creation

Tweak, Test, Repeat

In a high-end workstation like the Hydra, stability is just as important as raw performance.

These machines are used in environments that simply cannot afford downtime. 

The level of stability we strive for can only be achieved with high-quality components and an experienced professional.

Our extensive cycles of testing and optimisation that go into each and every workstation ensure your PC runs fast, quiet and with rock-solid stability. The result is unlike anything you will find from any other computer company.

PassMark® Benchmark Score Comparison

Standard Configuration
Modena Computers Hydra

Based on AMD Threadripper Pro 5995WX as of 22nd of September 2023.

Higher results represent better performance.

Built to Last

What costs more than a good PC? 

A bad one.

Our Hydra is built with cutting-edge tech for maximum longevity. This includes features like registered DDR5 memory and power supplies rated 80 PLUS Platinum and above.

Quality-of-Life features like fast WiFi and Ethernet make the Hydra an excellent dailty driver too.


Need even more cores and storage? 

The Hydra Plus can be configured with 2 massive AMD EPYC CPUs. 

This means up to 128 CPU cores and 4TB RAM.

What’s more, with 16 SATA ports you’ll be able to plug in hundreds of Terabytes of storage.

Modena Computers vs The Rest

Other companies may have access to similar hardware, but only Modena Computers can build a Hydra Workstation. 

Feature Modena Computers Dell, HP, Lenovo IT Companies, Custom
Latest generation components
Stress-tested and fully optimised
Tailor-made for user's workflow
Preferred software pre-installed
Fully upgradeable

Proprietary Parts Only

Limited Support

3-Year Warranty
Lifetime Hardware Support
Short lead time

<1 Week

4-6 Weeks


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