Design & Engineering Workstations

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State-of-the-art Modena Computers workstations built for VFX, rendering, graphics, video and photo editing.

The Perfect Choice for Any Design or Engineering Workflow

Our workstations can be optimised for everything from small residential projects to large point cloud projects.

Autodesk AutoCAD
Autodesk Fusion 360

Support for high-end GPUs allow for a smooth experience in large visualisation projects.

Autodesk Revit

Our professional overclocking greatly reduces processing time in photogrammetry projects. 

Autodesk ReCap

Whatever engineering or architectural software you may be using, we have the perfect solution for you. 


Our Apollo workstation sets the standard for high-performance workstation.

Whether you work with modeling or rendering, this machine will give you a great experience.


Our Vulcan features cutting-edge tech with next-level performance. 

An overclocked CPU, a high-end RTX GPU and up to 192GB RAM make this the ultimate workstation for tasks like rendering and visualisation.


Our Hydra workstations have extremely high core counts and support for a massive amount of RAM. 

This makes them the ideal choice for workflows involving Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Staff Pick


Our profesionally overclocked Vulcan workstation features the greatest single-thread CPU performance possible, and its multi-core performance is extremely high as well. 

With support for up to 192GB RAM, this system can handle extremely large projects with ease. 

If you use Twinmotion, Enscape or Lumion, the Vulcan can be configured with a GPU as powerful as the 24GB RTX 4090.   

With high-speed WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet built-in, collaboration and project management become extremely convenient. 

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