Scientific Computing Workstations

Get more done in less time, with state-of-the-art Modena Computers workstations built for Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and other Scientific workflow.

The Perfect Choice for Any Scientific Workflow

Whether you specialise in web, desktop or mobile development, our Apollo workstations will greatly speed up your workflow.

Visual Studio
Android Studio

Our Vulcans make light work of applications that need a lot of GPU power and RAM

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Our Hydra XL is the best option for workflows that require a high core count.

Autodesk Inventor

Whatever create software or train and analyse data, we have the perfect solution for you. 


Our Apollo workstation sets the standard for high-performance workstation.

Whether you work with data science or dev ops, this system will give you a great experience.


Our Vulcan features cutting-edge tech with next-level performance. 

An overclocked CPU, a high-end RTX GPU and up to 192GB RAM will greatly speed up your machine learning workflow.


Our Hydra workstations have extremely high core counts and support for a massive amount of RAM. 

This makes them the ideal choice for workflows involving Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Staff Pick

Hydra XL

Many scientific workflows require a considerable amount of CPU cores and RAM. In particular, Computational Fluid Dynamics is extremely resource heavy.

We have found that the only viable option for these kinds of workflows is our Hydra XL.

These systems can be configured with dual-CPUs and up to 4TB RAM. We would recommend an AMD EPYC system for scientific workflows.

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