Modena Virtual Desktop

Remote-only access to high-performance Modena Computers workstations.


Includes Windows 11 Professional

Need help choosing your ideal spec?


Modena Virtual Desktop

For the first time ever, securely stream a high-performance Modena Computers workstation, including apps, settings, and content to any device, giving you and your organization the ability to be more agile and productive in the new hybrid world.

The Modena Virtual Desktop solution can help you:

  • Stream personalized PCs to any Windows device.
  • Empower hybrid work with powerful, versatile options.
  • Simplify IT, staying secure and up to date.

What’s the process?

  1. Confirm availability of your chosen Modena Virtual Desktop spec.
  2. Make payment for subscription.
  3. Receive instructions and access information.
  4. Setup your Modena Virtual Desktop with all your chosen apps, and make it YOURS!

What you get:

  • Remote access to a newly formatted high-performance Modena Computers workstation, with a clean Windows 10 Professional installation, ready for you to install all your licensed software and customize to your liking.
  • Anytime access to your desktop PC for the duration of your subscription.
  • Stored at a secure undisclosed location, and powered by solar, we aim to provide high uptime and reliability with as little disruption as possible.

Things to note:

  • Although we aim to ensure our computers are always online and available, due to factors out of our control, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime.
  • By making use of this service, you agree not to hold Modena accountable for any loss of data or productivity for any reason whatsoever.
  • All workstations are accessible virtually only – for security reasons, we do not allow physical access to workstations.
  • All workstations are formatted on expiry of your subscription, with the onus is on you to ensure all data is transferred off the workstation when your Modena Virtual Desktop subscription expires.
    • For an additional charge, we do offer the service of transferring your files to physical media (external hard drive or flash drive) and then couriering that to you.
    • Please sign up to Microsoft 365 to access Office applications as well as cloud storage space to securely store your files. This will ensure all data and files are constantly synced to your personal OneDrive account and available to you both during and after your Modena Virtual Desktop subscription.
  • The Modena Computers Virtual Desktop subscription does not include any software licenses.
  • Torrent downloads, the installation of illegal or pirated software and crypto mining is forbidden.

Price is per workstation, per month.

Please note: Due to high demand for our Virtual Desktop solutions, we cannot guarantee availability. Please Contact Us to confirm you availability before placing your order online. Please also ask about additional discount available on longer duration subscriptions.

High uptime.

Hardware Support

Encrypted Access


Drawing Tablet Support

Low Latency Audio

Low Latency, 60 FPS, HD Dual Screen

Extreme Reliability

Fit For Purpose

Setup and Ready To Go!

Why Choose Modena Virtual Desktop

Find Freedom

Virtual workstations enable companies to take on bigger projects, work from anywhere, and pay only for what they need. We’re the ultimate remote workstation provider, freeing content creators, designers, architects, and engineers to create from anywhere. Running on high-performance Modena Computers workstations, virtual workstations employ the latest technology, making sure your computer doesn’t stand in the way of your productivity.

Easy access from anywhere.

As more and more companies move to a work-from-home arrangement, virtual workstations allow quick and easy access to the right hardware via laptops, desktops or tablets.

Flat-Rate billing model.

You pay a flat-rate each month with no surprise charges allowing you to easily plan budgets and never worry about overspending. Your CFO will call you a hero.

Dedicated, Non-Virtualized Access

Get the full performance of your workstation with our direct, dedicated, non-virtualized WaaS cloud offering. You’ll never share resources with others so you get the full performance of your machine.

US vs the Rest

Unlike other service providers who virtualize your experience, Modena gives you direct-access, dedicated hardware. You rent a dedicated workstation that becomes "yours" for your chosen duration. You’ll get all the performance you expect from a state-of-the-art workstation, delivered remotely, with low latency.

Responsive Control

Plug in a keyboard, mouse, drawing tablet, or gamepad, and do your job with unparalleled Input accuracy & control.


Work on all your programs from a PC, Mac, tablet, laptop, or phone. Our virtual workstations makes any program available on any screen. All you need is a decent internet connection and a supported device.


Using a virtual workstation will allow you to free up capital, and only pay for what you use. In the mobile, fast-changing world in which we live, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) computing allow you to be truly agile.

Scale with your needs.

Perfectly suited for project-based deployments, customers can eliminate the overspending that comes from the over-purchasing of hardware for last minute content creation needs. CFO and IT Managers can more easily attribute spends to the right cost centers.

Secured against power failures.

All our workstations are hosted at an off-grid premises, ensuring higher uptime than a typical work from home arrangement which means that as long as you have access to a laptop which sufficient battery power and an internet connection, you'll be able to continue working without interruption.

Encrypted Peer-to-Peer Connection

We lock down computers to only people on your team, and lets them connect directly. Your work never touches a server.

Incredible Speed

Our proprietary technology eliminates lag. Access your hardware in seconds with near zero latency.

Gorgeous Video Quality

Stream silky smooth, 60FPS UHD interactive desktop video in vivid color across multiple monitors.