Perfect Intel Core i7 Revit modelling setup

Ordered and paid for yesterday – delivered to the customers door today! It looks like we are on a roll with Revit workstations lately.

This week we had a request come in for a Revit workstation designed for peak Revit modelling performance for around R22 000 and included in that price, was a 24″ monitor.

Revit is a very disk and CPU intensive program, meaning that for general modelling, which was what the workstation was going to be used for, an Nvidia GTX1660Ti would suffice on the GPU side of things.

In order to keep costs down, the workstation was equipped with 16GB of super fast DDR4 RAM in dual channel configuration (2x8GB sticks), leaving two slots open for expansion down the line, should the customers projects start becoming larger.

As with all Vulcan and Hydra computers, the CPU and RAM are overclocked and optimised for peak performance, along with an upgraded cooling solution, giving you incredible value for your money. As always, our workstations are backed by our 3 year warranty and LIFETIME hardware support.

Below is a simple comparison showing “before” and “after” overclocking benchmark results using PC Mark – a world renowned benchmarking software package which helps give you real-world performance numbers on your computer for comparative purposes (Download it for free and give it a try yourself – post your numbers and spec in the comments below!)

Benchmark: Stock

Benchmark: Overclocked

As can be seen, the above overclock not only increases the overall system score, but also reduces the amount of time programs take to open, the speed at which the computer boots up and the general functioning of the workstation.

We also did another quick test involving a basic, high quality Revit render. Despite what one might think, rendering in Revit is handled almost exclusively by the CPU, and can also scale according to the number of cores the CPU has. So in other words, when it comes to rendering in Revit, the more cores the better!

We recently built a Vulcan equipped with an i9 CPU, which like the i7 in this build also had 8 cores, but the main difference being that the i9 CPU has Hyper-Threading. One might think that the fact that they have the same number of cores would equal similar rendering performance, but you would be surprised to learn just how much of a difference the Hyper-Threading makes – even with both CPU’s being at very similar clock speeds as well.

Although this particular CPU being used is advertised as “4.9Ghz” by Intel, what the majority of people don’t know is that in stock form, this is only achieved on 1 of the 8 cores. Not only that, but when using all 8 cores at full speed for extended periods of time, such as when rendering in Revit for example, the CPU drops the core frequency all the way down to 4.3Ghz on all cores in stock form.

Our optimised and overclocked Vulcan CPU used in this build on the other hand, has the CPU cores in sync, and has you working on normal modeling single core tasks at 5Ghz and rendering at 4.6-4.7Ghz on all cores, all the time! This can be achieved safely and reliably thanks to many years of technical know-how as well as the latest in CPU cooling technologies employed by Modena Computers.

Below is the before and after render times for the stock VS overclocked Vulcan workstation.

Revit Render: Stock

Total Render Time: 0:00:44:08

Revit Render: Overclocked

Total Render Time: 0:00:40:30

Remember that this was just 1 high quality still-image render. If you were rendering an animation at the same settings, your total time saved for a 30 second video animation clip at 25 frames per second for example would be a whopping 44 hours saved! That’s almost 2 days less! It begs the question, how much is your time worth to you? This type of increase in time saved will easily help pay for your workstation in no time at all.

We would love to hear from you regarding your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.


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