Multi-core Machine for Maya

Customer Requirements & Background

This week, we saw a request come in from a company specialising in 3d animation. Their main program used is Autodesk Maya 2020 and their main challenge with their current hardware setup is that renders were taking a long time to complete.

Modena Computers Proposal

Since CPU rendering was the main renderer of choice in this case, we knew that the answer to their issue was a CPU with an extremely high core count – and we had just the CPU for the job. It came in the form of an Intel 9980XE, with 18 cores and 32 threads. A CPU like this generates a LOT of heat, so paired with the correct cooling solution – the machine runs at a stable 4.5Ghz at very respectable temperatures.

Many CPU’s with a high core count, have a low frequency (Ghz) which means a general workflows involving tasks other than rendering, normally suffers. This is not the case with our specially sourced (binned) CPU’s, in which we maximise not only the number of cores, but their frequency as well.

Along with 32Gb of RAM, the latest Nvidia RTX2080 Super graphics card and extremely fast storage in the form of the fastest m.2 drives available, this workstation is blistering fast!

Paired with the correct cooling solution and countless hours of optimisation and testing, this workstation will give the owners many years of productive hardware use.

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