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Another order came in this week consisting of 3 Vulcan Workstations. 1 was destined for Springbok on the West Coast, around 150km South of the Namibian boarder, and 2 are being sent to Bloemfontien – all of which are for the same company.

As with many clients who call us regarding their hardware requirements, these clients were tired of the empty promises made by large computer manufacturers, along with their exorbitant prices and badly spec’d “one size fits all” approach to hardware.

After consulting with our experts and letting them know what software was being used as well as the type and size files being worked on, we settled on the following specifications:

Intel 8 Core CPU @5Ghz on all 8 cores.

32GB of RAM


Nvidia RTX2060

During our testing, we decided to do a quick “startup” benchmark, and timed how long the PC took to boot up.

Total time: 11 seconds from being completely off to Windows fully loaded on the desktop. Its so fast, the screen almost takes longer to turn on then the computer.
By the time the screen has activated, it is already on the desktop loading windows. Time your PC and see how it compares? 🙂

The courier has just collected the goods, and we cant wait to hear back from the client about how much they are enjoying their new workstations!

We would love to hear from you regarding your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.


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