Why you should use a custom PC for work

Latest Update: 25 August 2021

A custom PC isn’t just a toy for gamers. It’s important that you have the right workstation computer for your needs.

While there are many great pre-built computers available, these won’t necessarily suit your specific requirements.

At Modena Computers, we have helped many professionals with custom-built systems. This includes internationally-acclaimed architectural companies and engineering firms specialising in computational fluid dynamics simulations. There’s even scientists who focus on deep learning and AI, and film houses who work on content creation.

We love hardware, but we’re software experts too, and understand your workflow.

Just a few of the programs our clients specialise in

One size fits none

Most prebuilt computers are put together without a specific end-user in mind.

There are different performance tiers available, but the reasons for these tiers aren’t very clearly explained.

Why do you need an Intel Core i7 and 64GB of RAM over an i5 and 32GB? It’s definitely better, but how does it benefit you in particular?

At Modena Computers, we work with you to figure out your exact workflow.

We use that information to craft a solution that will give you the best performance in the programs and tasks you use the most.

We know which programs benefit from a high core count and which ones need a higher frequency. On the other hand, some prioritise the video memory of the graphics card above all else.

Look at all that time we can save you

Thorough testing

There’s also a high chance that if you buy a prebuilt computer, you’ll be the first person to ever turn it on.

These computers are put together on assembly lines and they’re not booted up before being packaged.

This makes you the guinea pig, and if there’s a problem with any part of the PC, you’ll have to pick it up yourself.

Modena Computers is not comfortable with this approach, which is why we put so much time into research, testing, and analysis. We use software tools to push every component to its limits, ensuring that it will be able to handle sustained load. 

We monitor not only the performance, but the temperatures as well, and we tweak configurations as necessary.

Every custom PC we build is meticulously assembled by a team of experts, and each component is tested to its limits before we ship it.

Each workstation also carries a 3-year warranty and lifetime hardware support, helping you minimize downtime and maximize peace of mind.

Custom PC

The real costs

Buying a computer is only the first step in the PC lifecycle.

Stability, efficiency, and longevity are all factors that should also be considered.

Can your PC actually keep up with you, or are you waiting for it to load while you could be getting more valuable work done?

Multinational PC companies don’t care about these points because their job is to give you exactly what it says on the spec sheet rather than the perfect tool for your job.

Our goal is to give South Africans the workstations they deserve.

Whether you need a high frequency Vulcan, a multithreaded Hydra, or any other bespoke solution, contact us for a free consultation and allow us to analyse your needs and put together the perfect solution just for you.

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