Build of the Week: CyberPunk 5900

While it’s true that our specialty is high performance workstations for architects, engineers and the like, that doesn’t mean it’s all we ever build.

This guy is a Synthwave connoisseur, and naturally he’s been one of the many passengers on CyberPunk 2077’s hype train.

If you’re not much of a gamer, Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest game by CD Projekt Red. This was the same team that was behind the incredibly highly acclaimed Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Cyberpunk is a very different genre and aesthetic from the fantasy setting of The Witcher, but it’s clear that this game has been put together with just as much care.

Most importantly though, the visuals are looking to be some of the best ever seen in a videogame, and naturally that means it needs a heavy-duty rig to handle it.

Cyberpunk PC

The Parts

CPU threads and speed are both important factors for this game, and the AMD 5900X was our processor of choice. This CPU has become quite highly sought after, and with the performance it offers in this price range, it’s easy to see why. 12 cores and 24 threads in a desktop PC is quite something.

The GPU is just as important, and we would settle for nothing less than the formidable RTX3080. This generation of Nvidia GPUs is a huge step up over the outgoing RTX2000 series, and it’s necessary to get the most out of this game.

This combination of CPU and GPU will allow this system to handle Cyberpunk 2077 at maximum settings, even at 4K resolution, and with DLSS turned on.

The rest of the build was focused around maximizing the performance of these parts. We used our favourite 240mm radiator water cooler, and a super-fast NVMe SSD. An 80 Plus Gold Certified 750W power supply ensures that this PC will remain stable for years to come.

Graphics card

The aesthetic

It wasn’t enough that this PC be extremely powerful, it needed to look like it as well.

White case, loads of glass, and RGB everywhere.

Not to mention the stellar cable management job that could have only be done by our lead technician, Pierre.

Gaming PC

Closing thoughts

There’s more to a gaming PC than just a powerful graphics card and a CPU to match. At Modena Computers, we know that computers are serious business, whether they’re for gaming or… well, serious business. This machine isn’t just a generic gaming PC, but it will be a dependable system for a good portion of his career as well. 


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