Biggest order yet!

Customer Requirements & Background

Ok so this post is a bit late, probably because we were too busy building to write the blog post, but at the start of the year, we got one of our biggest order to date, with over 20 Vulcan Workstation builds for their drawing office!

  • 22 Vulcan’s for general CAD work.
  • 1 Vulcan for VR + 1 HTC Vive Pro
  • 2 Laptops for mobile work.

This specific client has their background in the mining industry and deal with extremely large file sizes.

As leaders in their field, they invest heavily in technology and make sure they go for the best hardware when its “upgrade time”.

Naturally, Modena Computers® workstations were their tool of choice when it came to upgrading their tired, old Dell workstations, which although serviced them well for almost 5 years, really didn’t give them the performance and bang for buck they were after.

Modena Computers Proposal

The final specification settled upon for the bulk of the workstations, after consultation with our experts was:

  • Intel Core i7 8 Core CPU @5Ghz on all 8 cores.
  • 32gb of RAM
  • 1Tb SSD
  • Nvidia RTX 2080

All of the above housed inside the standard, compact and sleek Vulcan case.

For their VR PC, a similar specification was sought, but water-cooled, in a more compact case since this specific PC needed to fit inside a cupboard in their boardroom, but at the same time still stay within the thermal limits set by our experts.

Stock arrived, and we set to work building, testing, tweaking, testing some more and setting up and benchmarking all of this beautiful hardware!

The client received stock within a few days, all setup and ready to go!

Remember to speak to us when it comes time to upgrade your current hardware.

We guarantee that after experiencing the speed of Modena Computers®, you wont want to use anything else!


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