We were contacted by this client to build something quite unique. The client mentioned that he is looking for a high-end workstation to do GPU rendering and getting the renders done as quick as possible was the main priority. This obviously lead to us recommending a workstation where no expense was spared on the graphics … Read more

Another order came in this week consisting of 3 Vulcan Workstations. 1 was destined for Springbok on the West Coast, around 150km South of the Namibian boarder, and 2 are being sent to Bloemfontien – all of which are for the same company. As with many clients who call us regarding their hardware requirements, these … Read more

Customer Requirements & Background Ok so this post is a bit late, probably because we were too busy building to write the blog post, but at the start of the year, we got one of our biggest order to date, with over 20 Vulcan Workstation builds for their drawing office! 22 Vulcan’s for general CAD … Read more

Customer Requirements & Background This week, we saw a request come in from a company specialising in 3d animation. Their main program used is Autodesk Maya 2020 and their main challenge with their current hardware setup is that renders were taking a long time to complete. Modena Computers Proposal Since CPU rendering was the main … Read more